About Reboot Health and Fitness

The Reboot Health and Fitness Personal Program

Situated in Balmain. Reboot Health and Fitness has been servicing the community for over 25 years. 


Jacquie first opened the doors of her studio previously known as personally Inspired fitness in her home to a handful of clients looking to improve their daily lives through health and fitness.


Being in Jacquie’s home her clients became almost part of the family and felt a sense of comfort and knowing training with Jacquie. Being situated in the small suburb of Balmain the message spread leading to an opportunity to open a bigger studio. 


Although Reboot Health and Fitness moved from Jacquie’s beloved home into a new premise the sense of belonging that Jacquie’s home provided clients came with her to the new location. You may even see Jacquie’s beloved dog, Saxy, in some sessions too!


Reboot Health and Fitness offer a range of personalised programs that suit all ages and fitness levels. We specialise in rehabilitation for chronic conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, MS and dementia.


We use training techniques such as traditional fitness, Pilates, barre and Yoga. We pride ourselves on empowering you with every visit and we always look on the positive side. 

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