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Cancer and exercise

Updated: May 13, 2020

When you think about going through any cancer treatment exercise is definitely not the first remedy you think of to help you through the treatment process. Reboot health have been specifically working with clients with cancer through their treatments for over 10 years now and we can assure you that the results are impressive. Not only can exercise assist with the side effects of the treatments, it also can assist with the treatment process.

We have found that cancer patients are being prescribed specific targeted exercises designed for their own tumour and treatment on the same day as they get their chemo or radiation.

There is now a growing number of research showing that if people hit a certain level of physical activity - which is relatively modest, to be honest - then they'll more than double their chances of surviving their cancer. In other words, they halve their risk of dying.

Exercise is at its peak efficiency for cancer treatments when you participate in the exercises either immediately before or after the cancer treatment. Probably the last thing on your mind really!

How is this so, you ask?

Because before or after the treatment you're still influencing the circulation of blood into the tumour. So, when you participate in exercise you will be delivering more of the chemotherapy agent, targeting the specific cancer cells.

Exercise and cancer are a unlikely match but it works and it is highly beneficial. If you are currently going through your on cancer treatment currently we would love to help you through this journey.

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